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Do You Need Help with a Drupal Project?

I’m a seasoned Drupal expert with six years experience managing and developing all aspects of Drupal projects: strategy, design, specifications, development, launch, and maintenance. My clients love me because I:

  • Prioritize work according to the "big picture," yet remain meticulous with details
  • Communicate frequently
  • Furnish realistic timetables and budgets
  • Propose ways to speed development or improve your product
  • Speak both English and tech

If you’re looking for Drupal help, contact me and I'll get back to you with my availability.



As a skilled Drupal developer, I can either develop the project myself or work with one of my freelance development partners to get the job done right the first time.


I have an excellent eye for design and have partnered with true web designers who are passionate about crafting beautiful, mobile-friendly, responsive designs.


With over six years experience in Drupal projects, I can evaluate potential or projects to refine marketing strategy, define a minimum viable product, and develop implementation plans based on agile processes.

Project Management

Drawing on my experience working with a variety of clients as a VP at a premier digital agency, I can deliver solutions on-time and on-budget.

Project Management

Work Process

Work Process

“Quality is not an act, it is a habit.”









Listening to clients is the
art of understanding why

In my years of experience, I've seen too many projects veer off course because they weren't initiated properly. If the person across the table from you doesn't really understand your needs—your goals, pain points, and communication style—the project is doomed to fail.

I take pride in understanding exactly those things and crafting a project charter which captures your motivations for the project and a customized communication plan. This process sets everyone down the right path from the start.

Project strategy is about
prioritizing deliverables to have
maximum impact

Every software project begins life as a morass of needs, wants, theories, expectations, and fears. As a strategist, it's my job to sort these out one by one and assemble them into a coherent plan, tightly focused on executing key deliverables.

Any strategy must be based on realistic estimates of required time and resource commitments, and my wealth of experience allows me to help clients set achievable goals.

I'm passionate about agile
processes which give the client
maximum transparency

I have never seen a GANTT chart, no matter how ornate, accurately predict reality. Real-life projects are too complex to map out entirely at their outset, which is why I believe strongly in working iteratively. As the client, you should see brand new working software every 3 or 4 weeks in order to assess how the project is going and where it is headed.

Drupal works particularly well with Agile processes, as prototyping in Drupal is very fast. Modules such as Context, Features, enable the delivery of new features in separate silos.

You wouldn't build a house
and then leave it unattended
for two years, would you?

No client should be left without an adequate support system once a project launches. I'm available for regular monitoring of the software's performance, trainings, and maintenance.

The systems performance should be evaluated against KPI's regularly. This will uncover opportunities to optimize the product as well as develop additional features with high ROI for the client.


Don't take
my word
for it

I take a "white glove" approach to client relationships—being available, listening empathetically, implementing my best work, and checking in regularly.

Andy is an irreplaceable force in process development, creative problem solving, and client communication. He thinks about his work. He considers how his work effects those around him. If Andy were an egg, you could label him Cage-Free Golden Organic Grade A Large. And you'd let him hatch.

—Joseph O'Leary
VP Marketing & Business Development | Origin Wheel

Andy and I worked on an intense Drupal project that had a super compressed time schedule and a series of very complex integration issues. Andy brought a great attitude, rock solid work ethic and fantastic intellectual assets to the project. He is a first class problem solver and the kind of guy you just want to have on your team.

—Tony Parker
Project Manager | Home Loan Defense, LLC

We are so excited that the site is live - it looks great! Andy has been fantastic - extremely responsive and attentive, we've really enjoyed working with him.

—Elisia Flores
Chief Financial Officer | L&L Real Estate Continuing Education School

Andy has a ton of experience in programming. Any time we needed a website to do something, Andy was always able to do it. He has lots of experience with everything that comes with managing websites, from hosting and server management to HTML and CMS programming. He seems to do it all.

—Alex Juel
Internet Marketing Specialist | Mango Media

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