Freelance Denver and Boulder Drupal Developer

Hi, I'm Andy Walters and I'm a skilled Drupal freelance programmer in the Denver/Boulder metro area. My clients love me because I take what I call a "white glove" approach to freelancing. I:

  • Communicate frequently and honestly with my clients
  • Furnish realistic assessments of timetables and budgets
  • Provide reliable and quality service

Further, I speak English, not just tech. If you're looking for help on a project from a simple brochure site to a full-fledged ecommerce site, send me an inquiry.


  • "Andy and I worked on an intense Drupal project that had a super compressed time schedule and a series of very complex integration issues. Andy brought a great attitude, rock solid work ethic and fantastic intellectual assets to the project. He is a first class problem solver and the kind of guy you just want to have on your team.

    I will use him again and again if he's not snatched up by some smart full time employer with deep pockets."

    --Tony Parker, Project Manager
    Home Loan Defense, LLC

  • Andrew has a ton of experience in programming. Any time we needed a website to do something, Andrew was always able to do it. He has lots of experience with everything that comes with managing websites, from hosting and server management to HTML and CMS programming. He seems to do it all.

    -- Alex Juel, Internet Marketing Specialist
    Mango Media

  • "When you are trying to build a desirable, profitable business, you need smart, dedicated people. Andy Walters has brought those characteristics and far more to our company as a PHP Web Programmer and Analyst. Andy is an irreplaceable force in process development, creative problem solving, and client communication. He thinks about his work. He considers how his work effects those around him. He leaves his personal life outside the workplace, though he clearly has a fulfilling personal life. I trust Andy and I am genuinely intrigued by him. He is intelligent, yes, but far beyond his vocation. He possesses a level of maturity I would expect from someone 10 years older. If Andy were an egg, you could label him Cage-Free Golden Organic Grade A Large. And you'd let him hatch."

    -- Joseph O'Leary, VP Marketing & Business Development
    Origin Wheel

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If you want to force Drupal to load a theme on any page, including pages displayed in the overlay, you'll need to implement two functions in a custom module: hook_menu_alter and a custom theme callback. The following is how I forced the theme 'seven' to be shown on the user edit page: